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    Release time:2020-08-05

    Electrical Engineer


    Number of recruiters: 1 personWorkplace: Hangzhou, ZhejiangJob nature: full-time

    Job description

    Job requirements

    1. College degree or above, major in electrical control or mechanical and electrical engineering.

    2. Proficient in two-dimensional and three-dimensional drawing software.

    3. At least 3 years working experience in electrical control design or maintenance of mechanical equipment, working experience in plastic machinery industry is preferred.

    4. Obey the reasonable work arrangement of company leaders.

    5. Fresh graduates are acceptable.

    Job description

    1. Mainly responsible for the design and maintenance of electrical control system of injection molding machine;

    2. Participate in R &amp; D and improvement of injection molding machine electrical;

    3. Other work arranged by the leader.

    fringe benefits

    Five insurances and one fund, shuttle bus, free dormitory, meal allowance, high temperature allowance, physical examination of employees, irregular travel


    Ms. Chen

    contact number


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